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Duct Leakage Testing

A duct leakage test is required to be performed by a third party HERS inspector whenever an HVAC component is added or replaced.  We use the latest equipment to test your duct work and determine how tightly it is sealed.


Minimum Air Flow Verification

A minimum airflow test is performed to assess if the HVAC system moves the required amount of air through the system. HVAC systems not meeting this minimum requirement will not cool the home or business efficiently.

Refrigerant Charge Verification

A refrigerant charge verification is performed to determine if the HVAC system has the correct amount of refrigerant required to properly cool the home or business. Improperly charged systems use more electricity to provide the same amount of cooling.

Indoor Air Quality Verification - IAQ

An Indoor Air Quality test is required on all residential new construction projects, additional dwelling unit’s and residential additions greater than 1,000 square feet. The required minimum ventilation rate is based on the amount of conditioned floor space.

In most cases the bath or laundry area exhaust fan will satisfy the ventilation requirement. This mandatory measure must be verified by a third party HERS inspector.


Quality Insulation Installation

Quality Insulation Installation - QII

Quality Insulation Installation (QII) ensures that thermal insulation has been properly installed and that air sealing has been properly done in a home. QII verification must be completed PRIOR to the interior wall and ceiling coverings being installed.


Title 24 Calculations and Reports

Our Energy Analysts assist architects, builders and home-owners with state mandated energy efficiency compliance. We perform Title 24 calculations, then produce and electronically register the compliance forms for new construction, additions, alterations and secondary units (additional dwelling units).

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Certified HERS Raters

  • BPI-certification
  • CHEERS-certification
  • CalCERTS-certification

San Diego HERS Testing

San Diego HERS Testing has opened its San Diego office.

Our team is here to provide you with fast and accurate services. Our Energy Analysts will model your project and perform the Title24 calculations, then generate a passing CF1R and electronically register your project. Our HERS Raters perform the required HERS testing and verification, then complete and electronically register the various forms for your construction or HVAC project.

San Diego HERS Testing performs onsite inspections and diagnostic tests. Once your project passes these tests, San Diego HERS Testing will electronically file your HERS verification paperwork. We also provide you a copy of the completed forms. You must present the completed forms at the final building inspection with your city or county building department.

What is HERS?

HERS stands for Home Energy Rating System. This program was developed to address the energy efficiency issues caused by poor construction quality.

What is a HERS test?

HERS tests are specialized tests to determine the efficiency of energy consuming components within a building. The testing includes the heating and air conditioning equipment, duct work and the quality of building insulation. Most residential projects require duct leakage, minimum air flow, fan watt draw and refrigerant charge tests.

When is a HERS Test Required?

HERS tests are required for new homes or additions greater than 1,000 square feet. HERS testing is also required any time a component of a central heating and air conditioning system is replaced or when new central heating and air conditioning equipment is installed. Since 2010, contractors must register all HERS tests required on a project to obtain a building permit.